When you meet with an In The Garage designer, you'll see the quality products and services that we offer. We will design your garage to the very best solution that fits your specific needs, desires, and budget. Our designer will use Slide-Lok's computer design program to design your garage. You can view the renderings of you custom garage during your consultation.

We at In The Garage have trained professionals to install your new garage flooring, plywood storage cabinets, slat-wall, and storage solutions. Our Slide-Lok floor coating is usually installed in one day, and you can drive on it the next day. Our Slide-Lok Cabinets and organizers are also usually installed in one day.

If you are more of a do-it-yourself type, our cabinets, Slat-Wall, and organizers are available for you to install yourself. They all come with "do-it-yourself" installation instructions. Contact In The Garage for more information.


Serving all of Nebraska