Garage Slat-Wall Organizers Nebraska

Slide-Lok's Slat-Wall System is the perfect solution for your garage organizing needs. Slat-Wall is made of strong, durable material, can be custom sized to fit almost anywhere, include 7 accessory hook and baskets, and include an attractive wood grain or gray finish.
Woodgrain Slat-Wall

Gray Finish Slat-Wall


Slat-Wall Baskets

We offer two Slat-Wall baskets to aid your storage needs. These are great for small gardening or home improvement items.

18" x 13" Basket
13" x 10" Basket

Slat-Wall Hooks

We offer five highly functional hooks that will meet your Slat-Wall hanging storage needs.

2-Hook Tool Rack
5" Double Hook
5" J Hook
5" Loop Hook
10" Double Hook

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